Sunday, January 17, 2010


I’m not sure how exactly I discovered street style blogs or websites but since I did back in 2005 I got hooked. I’m from an industrial city in Mexico’s northwest border where the weather reaches the 50C degrees in summer, so as fashion encounters on the street are not something usual, I used to spend hours on the web in order to satisfy my style hunger.

I studied Communication Science since I wanted to become a filmmaker (and back then that was the closer option in my hometown to produce audiovisual content) but a few years later I became more interested in studying film rather than produce it.

Nevertheless, while I watched Fellini, Allen or Scorsese’s films, nothing stopped me from buying my favorite fashion magazines and I must confess, I had a hard time focusing in Annie Hall script rather than in Diane Keaton’s character style. There was something in Demarchelier, Meisel and Testino’s photo spreads in Vogue that were as fullfiling to me as Cuarón, Van Sant or von Trier’s films. So during that time I also did my first fashion photography exercises on my photo courses at school.

When I graduated I quitted photography and started working in a newspaper as a web editor until I discovered that being behind a desk didn’t make me happy at all, so I decided to start out again.

Two years ago I did the most important decision in my life: To invest in photography equipment, and focus on photography, breathe it, feel it, work out a portfolio and move to NYC in 2010.

And here I am, living in Brooklyn, trying to make it in the toughest industry during recession and looking for stylish people and capturing them on the street.

8 years later I didn’t became a filmmaker, but I like to think that trough my pictures I’ll be telling you stories. I’m René Fragoso and this is my attempt to pay back to the style blogosphere all that I have gotten from you all of this years.

I hope you like it. Thanks for your visit.


  1. Muchas Felicidades Rene, sigue asi lo que esta haciendo me diste un buen de animos de segurle con la foto por que ya estaba por vencido de no seguirle, me diste un chingo de ideas hortia, parece que tenemos lo mismo por la moda,es lo que mas me inspria, creo que voy a hacer muy seguidor constantemente de tu blog, muchas felicdades!! y suerte dude!!

  2. Que hermoso!!! Que todo salga bien y esté lleno de experiencias gratificantes. Un abrazo :]

  3. Man I know you just for a little while, but since I met you, you remind me a younger me, eager for reach your goals and fulfill your dreams. You aim high, and you have no fear or shame for it, now you are building your own path, for that (and your fashion sense to be honest haha) you have all my respect.

  4. Increíbles fotografías, increíbles looks, BOLD <3